How To Be Successful

By Richard M. Mathews

All of us as human beings have been taught "from the cradle on" about how the real world operates, and we are "told" that this reality exists independent from our own ideas of it. Would it surprise you if you learned that after your own death one day this was not true? What if there was "more to the story?" Would it change things for you if you learned that the life you had, was the one you created for yourself out of the ideas in your head? Would you continue to accept your version of reality as being unchangeable because of the ideas handed down or given to you, and for the remainder of your life? If you knew this to be true, would it make any difference in how you would choose to create and live the life you call your own?
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Define your idea of success Everyone has a different idea on the definition of success. You need to have your ideologies straightened out to plan your goals. Your idea of success is not a goal let's be clear. Your idea of success is your visualization of what it is that makes someone successful. For example, my idea of success is self growth and experience. I believe with these things, I can become the best person possible over time. With that said, I now plan out my goal.Obviously, there are two types of goals: Long and short term. Goals are a must. I think of them as checkpoints and once you complete them, they are behind you. You just keep looking forward.I believe this one to be the more important of the two for one reason: confidence/reassurance. The correct way to have a short term goal is to make it for a short time. I would say daily. I would write down a list of what you need to do that relates towards your long term goal. As the days, weeks, months go by, you will look back on that list and see day after day that items are crossed off your list. Nothing is stronger than visually seeing forward process by looking at your to do list being completed day after day.

Remember, it is really good for you to know what success is for you so you can begin to make it a reality for you right away, if you are going the wrong way, you may change direction, or you may just need to make some minor adjustment, or if you've already figured it out then you're already on your way. Being on the way to success is successful in itself.

Lifestyle If you want to be successful, you have to live the lifestyle of success. What do I mean by that? Well, to be a writer, I would live the life of a writer. I would read, write, write, write, read, go to conferences, talk to other writers, attend classes, write, and read. You get the picture. Every aspect of your life should be around your goals. A writer once told me "I work full time to support my writing." I respected her for saying that. She made good money but her life and passion was to write. So she literally just worked so she could live day to day writing.You want to surround yourself with people that have the same goals as you. It's good for a competitive drive, inside information, inspiration, and positivity. For me, I feel like I already met my goals when I have the people around me that have the same goals. I feel like a team. As a writer, surrounding yourself with other writers makes you feel accomplished and accepted as if I was a writer all along.Success is a mental game. You have to mentally endure the journey ahead and realize it's never easy obtaining greatness. You have to have that "no excuse" attitude and make things happen. Stop wishing and start doing. You should be positive. Success is more than having materials. A good mindset and some gratitude is a common trait among successful people. You will be amazed on what it can do for you.

So, this new lifestyle you dream to have will require a paradigm shift of some sort, and the changes should begin to take place from right now. With a set of goals that you have, and a plan of action of how you are going to get there, then you are bound to get there. Instead of how most people live, aimlessly and purposelessly.

If you are not sure how to get started or continue, I am sure you know how not to get started or continue. Use this if need be as a "tuning fork" as you move forward. No matter who you are, or what you choose to do, if it is from a space within you attempting to create your life of greatness, by way of growing yourself forward in this respect, know there is no greater life work with which to be involved.Trust yourself. Trust your creativity. Trust in your own direction. Trust that all you need will come to you, in one way or another. No one ever said adulthood was supposed to be easy and free of any challenges or difficulties. By the same token, no one ever said once you become an adult that you are finished "growing."If you wish to have a life of greatness, the choice is yours. If you will accept a life that is or will become average and ordinary, the choice is also yours. The world needs the greatness you have within you. En masse the world over, this is how we save the future of our world for our children, grandchildren, and beyond. Ask yourself, if this is too difficult for you to attempt in your life, what are you teaching the loved ones who surround you in your life?Do you teach them by the example of your life, how to create a life of greatness by always growing the best version of yourself possible? Or, on the other hand, do you teach them how to create a life that is average and ordinary because you live your life on "auto-pilot?"

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The Strangest Secret - Believe And Succeed

By Jack H. Sousa

For a while now, I have been reading about three hours a day. I love to read. I like to understand and analyze the books I read. I've always loved to write, too. I have written poems, songs, stories, games, comic strips (two published in "La Opinion," a newspaper in Los Angeles, and in another two newspapers in California) and more - most are written in Spanish.I didn't read too much until about five years ago. I know, most of the people say, "to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader first"... and I'm sure that is true, but I believe in myself and I have so much passion to write. I just do what I love to do and I always do my best in everything.
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A month ago, I was listening to an audio tape from the legendary Earl Nightingale and he was talking about what he termed "The Strangest Secret." The secret, of course, is to believe and succeed. In this tape he challenged his listeners to conduct a test for the next 30 days which I tried and now pass on to you.For the next 30 days take an index card which you can keep with you at all times; so that you can review it whenever you need.

"What I want for myself, I want for everybody." -Jones of Toledo."Always speak in terms of advancement. Never allow yourself to feel disappointed. The failure is only apparent. It is really a great success." "Do what you ENJOY more. DESIRE is a manifestation of POWER." "Give the thought of INCREASE in your product/service and make sure that the customer is impressed with the same thought."

Then for the next 30 days focus on this "one single goal" and proceed with calm and positive assurance that you have already achieved the goal. Don't work for it like a lunatic, but work like you have never done before, knowing that it is all time well spent.The most important part in this exercise is to believe, so believe me, in 30 days your life will transform but if you get off track at any point during these 30 days then you must start all over again from day one.

Have complete control of your thoughts. Think true regardless of appearances. It doesn't matter what happens around you, if you are creating your own thoughts and beliefs, have faith that everything is good. There are only good things for you in the universe. When you have a thought, you create a powerful image in your mind. That thought/image creates a feeling and an emotion. If you send out negative vibes, you get negative results. If you send out positive vibes you get positive results.

In addition, a lack of capital will not prevent you from getting rich. You can slowly begin to get access to capital and, as you progress, the access to capital will become easier and faster.For the reasons set forth above, Mr. Wattles concludes that the aforementioned factors cannot be the cause of getting rich. So, if getting rich is not a result of the factors discussed above, what does getting rich depend on? Mr. Wattles explains that in order to become rich you have to do things in "a certain way", regardless of where you are, what business you're in, how much capital you have, or how talented you may be.

A very clear example of a person who thought, had a purpose, believed, took action and his dream came true is: The miracle of Chinese Bamboo. You are the one in control of your thoughts. You control what comes into your life. Everything starts with a thought, word, with a dream. As I always say, YOU can create miracles in your life! What are you waiting for?

Most of us tend to think negative thoughts. When you think, "I'm undesirable," "I'll be late to my appointment," or "I struggle to make ends meet," you create that experience in your life.... You don't attract a desirable partner, you launch a series of events that makes you late to your appointment, and you prevent yourself from making more money.

One such popular book is 'The Science Of Getting Rich'. When Wallace D Wattles released this book little did he know that it would continue to influence people for more than hundred years? The book firmly states that there are certain definite laws to get rich. Only people who follow these laws of the universe become rich.For instance, you may be a very good dentist but you are probably not as rich as your friends around you. This may be true because they do the same work in a certain manner that earns them much more than you. Therefore, great talent is not enough. You need to provide service that represent more value than the money you are paid for your services. In turn, you will be appreciates you will attract more wealth.

But changing one's self-talk and self-perceptions are only one part of the equation. Many people who talk about the Law of Attraction focus on thinking (or, more accurately, wishing) and neglect the second, equally important, component - action. In order to achieve prosperity and wealth, many people find that they have to quit their jobs and change the business they're in. Although this may seem counterintuitive, and it does require a deep belief in yourself and the principles of the Law of Attraction, it can be a necessary prerequisite to fulfilling your dreams. In our culture, people are often uncomfortable thinking about, talking about, or actively seeking money. But, as Wattles wrote, "No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money."

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The Secret Science Of Getting Rich

By Paul H. Gray

Wallace D. Wattles spent a life time studying and writing about the laws of success. He studied the great philosophers and contemporary writers. Wallace was convinced that wealth is attracted, as is poverty and every other condition. He taught that barriers could be overcome and success attained by mental discipline. He also advocated building wealth through creation and not competition. His book was first published in 1910.
[The Science Of Getting Rich]

Wattles insisted that one must first lose any reservations about getting rich and accept one's right to be rich. He dispels many of the myths about wealth and teaches how it can be used for the good of man, especially when it is the result of creative work rather than competitive work. He insists there is a science of getting rich and that many have discovered its laws. Rich people are not necessarily brilliant - they simply understand the laws of the science of getting rich while poor people do not.He dispels the myth that opportunity has been all snatched up and teaches that for those who observe and are open to what the world had to offer there is a great deal of opportunity. In fact he says that opportunity is unlimited, or limited only by your imagination.

As a society we are taught to be skeptical and at the same time we are taught to go outside for approval. This makes for a very bad combination because we stop letting our intuition be our guides and instead work very hard to receive approval from others in terms of career, religion and family life. Living to blend in with the masses is not a path to truth. Instead it is a way to deny our own uniqueness and to bury the gifts within us. By living from the inside out using the principles discussed in the Secret science of Getting Rich, we find true wealth in becoming the best we can be.It takes courage to forge ahead and make a new path and this can be scary for many people. However we only have one life to live and what will we have to look back on when it is over? Will we have been just another good parent raising good kids or will we add to our children's lives by developing our highest potential and showing them through our own example? All these things are possible when we know how to live according to the universal truths that govern our lives. The science of getting rich offers us direction and shows step by step how to do this.

Wattles then urges the reader to reject the idea that we are dependent upon a deity to accomplish our aims. Here he may leave the devout a bit cold and although one need not accept this aspect of his teaching to benefit from what he says over all it is true that he is stressing the power of the individual mind to change reality. Wattles insists that as long as your intent is harmonious with the universe it will support you and your purpose. That is, as long as you intend no one any harm you will be well served by all of nature in your pursuits. And he stresses the importance of gratitude in one's pursuit of wealth and success.

Recently there has been a lot of chatter online about The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, and some gurus are offering programs that follow the principles outlined in the book, along with a copy of the book as a bonus. I read The Science of Getting Rich a few years ago, but I thought I would read it again with new lens. You have to read this book with an open mind, and the title of the book is often a turnoff for many. The book is not just about becoming wealthy in terms of money; it's about living a fulfilled life and tapping into your true potential. It's what true wealth is about.

While he is didactic and somewhat narrow in his theory and advocacy, insisting for example that the reader read no other works on success or wealth building other than his book, he has a lot to offer the contemplative mind and was truly a pioneer in many areas of self improvement teaching.Wattles wrote in the common style of the early 20th century. He wrote reasonably well but the text tends to be somewhat pedantic. It lacks the outline format of modern nonfiction literature. If you put a bit of effort forth it is well worth it. If you do not want to work at all at reading this may not be for you.

Wallace Delois Wattles was a "New Thought" writer who lived from 1860 to 1911. Wattles tended to write practical articles and books teaching practices he first tested on himself. His writings covered such topics as health, wealth creation, religion, socialism and what we now call "self help".Wallace Wattles practiced and taught a manifestation technique called "creative visualization". According to his daughter Florence,

Hill plunges at once to the values one must foster to get rich which, he says, include self confidence, habit of saving, initiative and leadership, imagination, enthusiasm, self control, getting more than paid for, pleasing personality, accurate thinking, accurate thinking, concentration, cooperation, profiting by failure, and tolerance. He ends with the golden rule. He basically presents the law of success in 16 lessons.

The law of success in 16 lessons is the significant specific difference which may be forwarded as far as these two successful books are concerned. The 16 lessons actually represent the simplification of an otherwise difficult task anyone wanting to succeed in getting rich faces and sometime ends up fearing. Simplification is key to both works by Wattles and Hill. Simplification means making their prescriptions reachable and realistic. Simplification ultimately means success. Simplification means getting rich.In the last analysis, Wattles and Hill therefore are declaring the same basic point. There is nothing complicated in the path to getting rich. Everything is within reach by anyone serious enough to have that desire to get rich shown by the willingness to do something about it. Wallace calls it a science. Hill calls it the law of the mastermind. Both are systematic approaches simple and succinct to follow.

While The Secret makes reference to a universal law called "law of attraction", the term itself is not used anywhere within the text of The Science of Getting Rich. However, there is no doubt that one of the universal laws or truths that Wattles explains in his book is indeed what we now refer to as the law of attraction.As a result of the success of The Secret, there has been a new influx of interest in (and programs based upon) The Science of Getting Rich. As a result, Wallace Wattles' legacy and influence continues to grow.

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Self Hypnosis And Messages Subliminal Guides

By Jim S. Chai

A subliminal message is a signal or a message recorded in a video or audio beneath the original text. Such subliminal messages have no influence on our conscious mind but affect our subconscious. The subconscious may then influence our conscious actions to act in according to the message embedded within the message. Some argue that effects of subliminal messages are rather insignificant while others argue that they are unfair and potentially harmful, especially if abused.
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A subliminal message is a message hidden in audio or visual. It is not detectable easily to our naked eyes. These messages directly influence our sub consciousness and may lead our sub consciousness in a certain direction. Some researches argue that effect of subliminal messages is rather insignificant while others believe that they might cause some harm. Another third group of researches believe that subliminal messages have no effect on our subconscious thus no effect on our actions.

In the late 60's a Beatles album was supposedly contained one example of a subliminal messages in music, a suggestion that Paul McCartney had died. The controversy raged extensively when some religious groups claimed that Satan was possessing the singers and causing them to insert subliminal messages in music.Another popular example of subliminal messages in music is the popular song Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. This song contained not one but many subliminal messages. "Play backwards. Hear words sung", is the message you hear at the very end of the song. Amazingly, if you play the song backward you will find many satanic related messages. For example, somewhere in the middle of the song it says, "It's my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad whose power is fake."

So, subliminal messages are suggestions that are received below the level of threshold. This is known as masking. Variety of subliminal messages will change your life. Did you know that there's a greater and stronger inner force in each of us.When you view specially designed Subliminal Videos, your future suddenly becomes brighter. Watch A Subliminal Video That Could Automatically Increase Your Income More Than 500% In 1 Week. So although your conscious mind might struggle to decipher the subliminal messages being displayed, your subconscious definitely can. You might need to sit and watch a specific video on your computer for one hour each day. All subliminal videos are messages downloads delivered immediately as Subliminal videos in common formats. You don't have to be someone special.

Subliminal videos are messages displayed for such a short period of time or recorded at such a frequency that your conscious mind does not register what it sees or hears. This means that your conscious mind cannot construct and use arguments against the ideas revealed and therefore your subconscious mind can be more susceptible to the unconscious idea. FEEL changes taking place deep within you after just 30 seconds of looking these Subliminal Messages in Video. From this moment forward, you are a Master Manifestor who lives each moment to its fullest and easily attains a Superior Life filled with success, enjoyment, relaxation and love. Subliminal messages are very much prevalent in the universe of advertising.

Subliminal messages in music do not necessarily need to be all bad. If one was to listen to a subliminal message in music designed to help them lose weight, studies indicate that they would, more than likely, be able to lose weight dramatically. Utilizing subliminal messages in music has not been studied long enough to determine their effectiveness, but should they prove to be effective, they can shave years off of your own personal change, whether you want more confidence, to lose weight, or to quit smoking.

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How To Help A Depressed Man And Keep Your Relationship Strong

By Patricia E. Beeson

Are you feeling helpless and totally overwhelmed with your life? Is getting out of bed in the morning impossible to do some days? The impact of depression can be life altering in the worse way, I know this from personal experience. Self help for depression and anxiety is available and it is very vital to your success at beating this condition. There are great books on depression, it's really about deciding what you need.
[Help For Depression]

Depression is a normal part of life. Yet, if it goes unresolved, it can have a disastrous affect on personal functioning, relationships and careers. It can result in temporary personality changes, uncharacteristic bouts of anger and moodiness, create communication problems, spur conflict, and lead to relationship problems or marital distress. Thus, depression is a condition that must be recognized and treated for men to function on their highest level.What Are The Signs? Men who are depressed may suddenly become irritable and quick to anger. Non-aggressive men may become more aggressive and hostile.Some may abuse alcohol or drugs, or turn to food for comfort, although some may eat less. It really depends on the person and his circumstances.Some men may over-exercise, while others may stop.

Moving on when you have depression or anxiety isn't so simple though, there has to be a great effort put forward to overcome this condition. Experts say that loneliness is a natural part of every day life, but for people with this condition that affects of this emotion can be detrimental. It is important to be aware what is going on with both your physical and mental health, you have no reason to feel ashamed about taking care of yourself. My advice is to explore books on depression and figure out what book will benefit you.

Symptoms of Depression.There are different signs and symptoms, and they may vary from one person to another. They include: Sadness,Frustration over trivial matters,Lack of interest in normal activities,Excessive sleeping or loss of sleep,A reduced sex drive,Drastic appetite change,Indecisiveness,Fatigue,Crying spells,Unexplained physical problems,Distractibility,Guilt,Thoughts of death.How Can Intuitive Counselling Help? Depression symptoms, unlike other diseases, do not get better over time. Your symptoms may worsen if left untreated. It may be difficult to seek treatment, but there are effective options that can help, like intuitive counselling.An intuitive counsellor will help you come to terms with your problems and understand yourself more. He or she will do this by helping you "listen" to your body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Working with these aspects will allow you to understand what is happening, what is causing the problem, and how to get rid of it.Working with a skilled intuitive counselling practitioner will help you alleviate depression symptoms and gradually bring your energy and positive outlook back.

Second, if you know someone the depressed man knows and respects, such as his father, pastor or best friend, suggest that he talk to that person. Or, you may enlist the help of a family member or close friend who has his ear.Third, try to get him to see his doctor (or yours), and encourage him to talk to his doctor about his depressed feelings (maybe he needs to go for other reasons, too). The physician can make a referral for counseling or prescribe helpful anti-depressant medication, if needed.

This is partly due to hormonal factors, especially when having premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and perimenopausal depression. It is a serious matter and should not be taken for granted. A depressed woman will have disrupted daily activities and relationships with others, and these could be detrimental for her health. A depressed woman would show several symptoms including:

Always feeling guilty, worthless, helpless, and hopeless. Women with depression could not shake off such thoughts from their minds.Constantly criticizing herself. They always think that what they do is not enough, or that they don't do anything right.Having changes in appetite or weight. A woman with depression will either increase food consumption or will lose her appetite. She may also have significant changes in weight, at least 5% every month.

Counseling is one of the best ways to face and deal with depression. It can be just as effective as medication, if not more so. The combination of the two can be even more effective.Sometimes depression can become quite serious and lead to other mental health issues. It is best to take it seriously.Depression and Your Relationship.Without a doubt, the depression of one spouse can injure the other. And it can have a derogatory impact upon the relationship in general, giving both partners a sense of despair, and causing them to view the relationship in pessimistic terms.

Encourage her to go to a professional. Explain to her that you are noticing several attitude changes that may indicate something. You must remember, however, that in doing this, do not be pushy and demanding. Being harsh on her will only make matters worse.Next, be informed about what depression is and be patient. You'll know that depression will make a woman act a lot different from her usual self, and it is not because she wants to. You have to understand not give up on her. Even if a depressed woman would seem to not acknowledge or appreciate all your assistance and understanding, these will help her unconsciously. When you give up, this means that her social support system will slowly disintegrate.

Never isolate yourself. Isolation will not help your depression. You need to be in contact with people you trust while you are going through treatment. This will greatly enhance your chances to overcome depression.Other aspects that are vital to remember include the following:You need a balanced diet. There is a very definitive connection between depression and eating habits. The healthier you eat the cleaner your body will be and the better you will feel. This is a decision you will have to make. It takes discipline and rewards of this discipline will come back to you in multiples.If you are sleep deprived you will struggle to overcome depression symptoms. A good nights sleep goes a long way. Make sure you have a mattress that sleeps well. If you think about it, you spend a third of your life in bed (8 hours of sleep per 24 hour cycle).If you do not exercise, your body cannot produce endorphins. These endorphins help a lot to overcome depression. These 3 points mentioned here are also excellent self help for depression tips.There is a way out and you can be cured. Just make a decision that you will get out of this depression rut and it will be so.

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The 11 Forgotten Laws Review - The Truth On Bob Proctor's Course

By Kelly R. Crumble

Mr. Bob Proctor, of The Secret fame has returned with what some call his "crowning achievement" - The 11 Forgotten Laws. In their research since the Secret came on the screen, Bob and his co-author Mary Morrissey, have concluded the universe is orderly and runs according to 12 Universal Laws. These laws include the Law of Attraction, subject of The Secret movie, and 11 other laws which have been largely ignored or forgotten.
[11 Forgotten Laws]

Since the advent of The Secret, readers have fallen into two camps - a smaller highly satisfied group that claims outstanding success from using the Law of Attraction and a larger less satisfied group who criticize the Law of Attraction as not working consistently or at all for them.Proctor has addressed these concerns in his 11 Forgotten Laws. Proctor indicates that The Secret was incomplete in that it revealed only the Law of Attraction. In his new work, Proctor reveals that there are 11 other laws which inter-relate with the Law of Attraction in the functioning of an orderly universe.

Overall there are 95 lessons in this package and the total length of the audio in the main program of The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey is close to 7 hours and all the audio comes in mp3 format that can be listened to on any computer or player such as an iPod.One great thing about this course is that you can listen to it online, download every one of the 95 audio lessons to your computer or simply burn or copy it onto your own listening device. You can take this course anywhere and listen to it on the go if you wish and you can also read the lessons on your computer or even print them if you want to.The creators of The 11 Forgotten Laws, Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor, have made a life's work of the law of attraction. They have been studying it, living it and teaching about it for many years. If there was ever anyone that could be considered an "expert" on this subject it would absolutely be these two.

Unique Course With Massive Amount Of Personalization,There is no doubt that this course is educational, inspirational, and motivational course.What makes this course very unique is the massive amount of personalization that Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey add to their course. They genuinely believe what they teach and their customer support is very good.Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey provide 60 days full money back guarantee for their product and If you are not completely satisfied with the results, you will receive your money back.In my opinion only those persons who are very confident that their product will be genuinely liked by their customers and fit their needs perfectly can offer this kind of guarantee.There are many powerful practices described and implied throughout This course, however I would have liked it better if the course had a clear section of exercises so you have an explicit step by step set of processes to help you integrate the course concepts at a deeper level of your being.The Course May Be A Bit Overwhelming At First,Some people can get overwhelmed by the so much information included in The 11 Forgotten Laws. I think that it could be better if Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey will add a printed outline or summary of each chapter of their course.

They are unaffected by any other variables, including whether or not you believe in them.The Prosperity Program by Burt Goldman, "the American Monk."Manifest Like a Millionaire by Laure Silva A free trial membership in The FinerMinds It would be a gross understatement to label this product as just another audio book. Rather the 11 Forgotten Laws is a very comprehensive course in how to conduct your life to derive the most satisfaction from it. However, it is comprehensive, not complicated. The lectures are clear and filled with examples.

Proctor says the best way to approach the 11 Forgotten Laws is to initially go through the course completely by listening to the audio and using the other material. He suggests taking notes along the way. As the course progresses, Proctor indicates that one of the 11 laws will stand out to you in particular. This is the law that would provide the most immediate benefit to your in your life. Bob then suggests that you focus on this law by listening to the audio and using the study guides daily each day for a month. As you change your life, perhaps even subconsciously, some external positive changes will begin to manifest themselves. Based on the overwhelming feedback and large numbers of testimonials, Proctor has something here.

The 11 Forgotten Laws is the highest quality product I have ever reviewed. The relatively modest price of $97 is far overshadowed by the potential benefits. Without reservation, we give Bob Proctor's 11 Forgotten Laws our highest rating and urge all of our readers to consider this product very seriously.After having seen The Secret and still having not much success with it I decided to find Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield on the internet and have a look at what they had to offer. I found a course of Bob Proctors called Six minutes to success where he talked you through a series of principles and tactics each day which you could practice for 6 minutes. He got me to write down goals and it was very motivational having his help. I even promoted the course as an affiliate. Soon though as with most things I fell back in to the 'I can't really afford this' habit and cancelled the subscription.

97 dollars may seem expensive but like I said it is a comprehensive course and unlike any other it gives great detail of each law and how to apply them... other products I have purchased that were cheaper did not give as much detail or contained information I already knew... The 11 Forgotten Laws is like no other product out there and once you apply The 11 Forgotten Laws in your life the money will come back to you two-fold. Opportunities will appear and you will attract who and what you need for success. Bob Proctor is a true follower and believer of the Law of Attraction and the 11 subsequent laws. He has had true success and many of his students have had true success as well. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself and check out The 11 Forgotten Laws now with this 5 dollar trial offer.

PROS AND CONS: Although I could not find any faults with the product, some complaints I found from others were that it can be a bit overwhelming since it is very comprehensive and gives a lot of detail. Some wished that it had a step by step guide or summary after each lesson as to what actionable steps to way to overcome this is to listen and read everything over 2 to 3 times until it becomes clear, or reach out to the members forum and support desk. We all have setbacks in life and rather than give up and decide it doesn't work... reach out to someone who may have gone through something similar and will have the answer. Another complaint was that some wished it came as a physical product rather than digital... I personally like digital because I don't have to wait for it to arrive I have instant access, however; it is a rather large download and some may have slower computers or not the right amount of space.

Many people have dismissed 'The Secret' as flowery mumbo jumbo - new age hippy reason which doesn't really work. Bob Proctor suggests in his new course The 11 Forgotten Laws to develop a hunger for the knowledge that the film The Secret is based on. If it didn't work for you then find out why and where you were going wrong rather than simply dismiss the principles themselves. Deciding that the Law of attraction doesn't work after only watching 'The Secret' several times is not really a true study of the subject. In fact 'giving up' is the surest way to 'prove' that it doesn't work! Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey suggest different strategies and detail some of the solutions to the difficulties people have when trying to use the principles taught in 'The Secret'.

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Breaking The Sugar Addiction

By Aniek van Wordragen

Can someone actually die from sugar addiction? Yes. The wave of misinformation has confused many people about the real cause of obesity. Fat is not the main reason that leads to obesity. If that was the case, then why do low-fat diets fail miserably? The real culprit here is sugar!Sugar is hidden in almost everything that we eat. Americans consume 141 pounds of sugar per person a year according to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). That's equivalent to half a cup of sugar a day- sugar that your body will probably store as fat since it does not need it.[
[How To Break A Sugar Addiction]

So far, my search for a sugar-free milk has turned up zilch. Even lactose-free milk still has sugar in it! I may take the advice of those who have an opposition to milk and completely phase it out of my diet during this experiment. I will have to find foods with similar nutritional value with which to replace milk (protein, calcium, vitamins A and D).There are many to choose from. Unfortunately, while the options are plenty, the prices are too expensive for my budget.Most cheeses are usually free of sugar because the sugar has been fermented out of the cheese. There are other forms of sugar-free dairy products available, but it almost certain that sugar-free dairy will contain some form of artificial sweetener. Reading labels will be important. I'm not too fond of artificial sweetners, so I may have to do more research on acceptable kinds of dairy during this experiment.

The World Health Organization recommends reducing your intake of added sugars to less than 10 percent of your total caloric intake. That means, if you eat 2,000 calories, you should eat less than 12 teaspoons of sugar each day. The US Department of Agriculture also recommends limiting your consumption of added sugar to between 6 and 12 teaspoons of sugar each day, depending on your daily average caloric intake. (Six teaspoons a day for people who eat 1,600 calories; 12 teaspoons if you eat 2,200 calories each day.) Keep in mind that a single 12-ounce soft drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.To find out how much sugar is in some of the items in your cupboards, look for Sugars (measured in grams) on the Nutrition Label. Then divide the number of grams by 4 to get the number of teaspoons. So, 12 grams of sugar is 3 teaspoons of sugar. Sixteen grams of sugar is 4 teaspoons.

Anything that is canned, jarred, bagged, boxed, or stuffed in plastic tubing is processed and contains an insane amount of sugar. Nothing is sacred anymore! Even a cup of my child's breakfast cereal contains 17g of sugar! One cup! Pour some milk on that cereal and the poor child just ingested about 30g of sugar in one meal! That's assuming that the portion size is correct! Most people double-even triple-portion sizes without knowing it which means the amount of sugar consumption doubles or triples as well.

Keep notes on your sugar intake in your journal or Daytimer. How does decreasing your sugar levels impact your energy levels? Your mood during the day? Your ability to fall asleep at night? When do sugar cravings hit? It might be helpful to start with a Sugar Fast for a day or two. See how one day without added sugars affects you.Make easy substitutions. Buy brown rice instead of white rice, for example. Brown rice has a nice, nutty flavor, and takes just a bit longer to cook. The next time you go to the store, experiment with all kinds of whole grain alternatives. You might find some new family favorites.Keep healthy snacks readily available, and rely on a bit of protein in your snacks to keep your energy levels high. Keep a small bowl of nuts on the table, along with fresh fruits. When you are hungry for a mid afternoon snack, opt for lean protein and complex carbs.

But it is. Dramatically. There have been oodles of studies done and the overall message is that diet soda can and does contribute to sugar cravings and to weight gain. As much as if you drank a regular soda! Why you ask? The studies are showing that it will trigger you to eat more calories when you have a diet soda. Here is a typical scenario of what happens:When I use to go through Burger King I would buy a Whopper, french fries, and to cut back on calories, a diet soda. Pretty typical of how we all start to drink the diet rather than the regular. Your body becomes conditioned to look for calories when it gets that sweet taste ( as it does when it gets regular soda or a sweet). So now it triggers you to crave additional calories ( energy) when it has a diet beverage. And thus the vicious cycle begins.Put another way: Your body needs energy to burn, so now it is suddenly not getting it when you drink the diet soda. So your body starts to crave more food, more energy and more calories. And that 0 calorie beverage is creating cravings that cost you more calories in the long run. It's like a furniture store that charges you no interest for the first year but get you big time on the back end and you wind up paying more.

How to ease out of your diet soda addiction? I suggest weaning off gradually. To go cold turkey may shock you and your system. Start by limiting your intake to 1 a day. Make it a special treat and make sure to have it with a meal! ( Remember lesson two!) And substitute with water. The genuine water - not colored water, flavored water, energy water. They too are filled with food colorings and chemicals that your body has a hard time dealing with. Don't trade one problem for another one. And of course they have the artificial sweeteners in them too that will create the same problem as the diet soda.With 10 years experience in the weight loss field, Gretchen Jack offers fire tested, proven solutions to conquering your sugar cravings. Her mantra: When you conquer the conquer the pounds.Sugar cravings are caused by addiction to refined sugar. To end sugar addiction, you must nourish yourself so well that you don't feel the need for the stimulation of refined sugar. Here are five techniques that will end cravings and improve your overall health and vitality.

Carefully measure how much honey you put in your tea and how much sugar you put in your coffee. Aim to put in a bit less each day or each week until you are drinking it either unsweetened or with just a bit of sugar.Buy items that are not sweetened, and add sugar only if you find that you need to. This will help you wean off the sugar gradually.Steer clear of sugars for breakfast. When you start your day with a sugar blast and crash, you may find yourself in a vicious cycle for the remainder of the day. Start your day with healthy lean protein and complex carbs. Try natural whole-grain breads and cereals for breakfast, along with a lowfat protein, such as skim milk, cottage cheese, or yogurt.

There is hope for stopping your sugar addiction. First, you need to admit to yourself that you have a problem. Something that tastes so good and makes you feel better will make it hard to for you to think there is anything wrong. Don't try to fool yourself into thinking brown sugar or raw sugar is fine to eat. Brown sugar is only made brown because molasses are added to it. It is still regular sugar. Raw sugar is crystalized and refined white sugar. It has a tiny amount of molasses added to it. These kinds of sugars are also unhealthy for your body.

Be careful not to make sugar taboo in your household. With children, especially, when you swear off something completely, you run the risk of creating a mystique around the forbidden food. Instead of running a completely sugar free household, make sure your children understand the effects that sugar can have on their bodies and their moods, and then help them understand the beauty of moderation. Encourage them to eat low fat protein and help them develop a taste for healthy whole grain carbs. Focus on well balanced, nutritious diet, instead of simply swearing off all sugar. Your cravings will slowly and naturally fade once you gain a better understanding of why they are cropping up in the first place.

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You Can Learn How To Make Millions As An Entrepreneur

By Danae A. Strub

How to make millions? Isn't that the question on everybody's minds? How many times have you laid on your bed staring at the ceiling wondering what it is that rich people do to be the way they are? What do they do and what can I do to be like them? Well, it all boils down to a few unbreakable rules. If you want to know how to make millions, then you must follow a few general good rules, universal truths that no one can argue with. Actually, there are those who argue and the more they argue, the poorer they are!
Learn [How To Make Millions]

Education is important. No argument here. Now you might say that Richard Branson and Bill Gates didn't finish their education and became billionaires. Well, education here does not necessarily refer to formal school and college education. If you want to know how to make millions, there are some skills you have to learn. And you can learn these skills at a business school.

Now Bill Gates and Richard Branson got lucky, they did not complete college but they learnt these skills from the circle of people they were with. Not every one of us is so lucky to have such a circle. And some might be born with the skills that tell them how to make millions. So if you are not born with the skills and do not have the proper circle of contacts, there is only one thing to do - join a business school.

There are unfortunate cases of immigrants from poor countries who work for decades in richer countries like the U.S. and the middle-eastern countries and save a fortune and go back to their home countries hoping to invest the money and multiply it. But these people don't know how to make millions. Tragically, they invest the money in some hair-brained business scheme, or even if it is a legitimate business, they don't know how to run it and end up losing money. The reason? Lack of business acumen due to lack of education.

On the other hand, you have graduates from Harvard who are educated and enlightened and are so because of their close association with the brightest minds in the world. These students know how to make millions because they have learnt about the world and its ways from the undisputed experts and when they go out into the big bad world, they have learnt how to be prudent and what are the best practices and hence they prosper financially.

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How The Mind Works - The Truth About The Fiction Of Reality

By Dana B. Thompson

It's always a good idea to have an idea of how the mind works so you can adjust your sales copy accordingly to appeal to certain mind sectors. Let's just start with some basic information so you get a good idea of how the mind works.The brain does two major things - stores information in your memory and processes information that allows you to use/apply your knowledge to make decisions and solve problems. Next we'll look at what side of the brain does what.
[How The Mind Works]

Your left brain works with logic, words, parts and specifics, analysis of situations in detail, and sequential thinking. The left brain interestingly enough has a sense of time and a sense of your goals correlated with your position in relation to those goals. Talk about a finely tuned instrument. The left brain also governs/runs the right side of your body.

Directing and guiding this stream of awareness is a system. We can think of the mind as system that directs our information processing. This system is made up of numerous elements, all interacting and influencing one another to generate our experience. The way we experience the world is through the process of representing, sequencing and ordering the information we acquire from the outside world. The system of information processing we call "the mind" can also be called our internal reality. We each have an external reality- the environment we live in, the circumstances of our lives - and we each have our own unique internal reality. It is this internal reality that lies behind emotions, behavior and results. Our inner reality is far from a random mess of mental chaos. Human subjective experience has a structure. Knowing the specific elements that make up the structure of our internal reality enables us to alter the structure so that it serves us better.

Brain functions can be broken down even further into what does each side of the brain to task wise. So let's take a look at what the left side does.The left side of your brain deals with tasks like being logical, sequential, analytical, objective, focus and details, and numbers. So if you happen to be bad in math, blame the left side of your brain - or the right for not governing the numbers part of you. The right side of your brain deals with tasks like being intuitive. Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. It also deals with colors, rhythm, and the overall picture, pictures and is random.

For hundreds of years the field of psychology tried to find a way to change emotions and behavior. The methods devised made great theories, but never really resulted in much change. Some of the theories made a lot of sense, but practice didn't seem to yield any results. The advocates of different psychological theories over the past hundred years spent more time arguing over theories than trying to find something that really worked. It took up until the late 1970s before a model that was actually useful and practical was devised.

Throughout our lives we have fought with our emotions and struggled to change habits and behaviours with little or no success. We have been attempting to change the symptom of some cause without getting to the source. Trying to change with willpower alone is like trying to weed a garden without getting at the roots and wondering why the weeds keep growing back. We wonder why change is so difficult, but it's not that change is difficult, it's that we've been going about it the wrong way. Trying to shovel the snow of your driveway with a rake isn't going to work very well, so why not trying something else? To change emotions and behaviours we need to step behind the scenes and peek into our internal experience to see what is going on behind our emotions and behaviours. We need to look beyond the surface and find the source.

OK now you have a pretty fair idea of how the mind works. Let's go just one more step further. You already know about the language of the brain being pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, and smells - in other words input from your senses that is your imagination when it is processed. Your brain can only work with positive information that it receives from your five senses. Your brain can't work with inputs you haven't experienced or otherwise called negative information.Here is a very important point to remember when thinking about your customers. They can't reflect and act at the same time. They need to be focused on one thing or another (reading your website copy, email etc) and thinking about it or taking action and buying something. Trick is to be able to switch them from one to the other quickly and effortlessly. Good thing you know about Neuro Linguistic Programming and how the mind works.

Although you never go anywhere without your mind, most of what goes on in the mind remains a mystery to you. Why? Because much of what occurs in your mind is out of awareness. Our mental programs operate behind the scenes, out of consciousness, and it is those aspects of our functioning that operate out of awareness that lead to emotions and behaviours. To put on a great show and produce the results we need to navigate in the world, there is a whole crew of things going on backstage. All we see is the final performance.

And here is why you want to know what they do for a living. A manager would be a left brain person (appeal to his/her logic and love of analysis). A leader would be right brain (appeal to his/her emotions and imagination). A producer - that would depend on the kind of work done. If the work done is verbal, logical, and analytical - that is left brain. If the work is intuitive, emotional, and creative - that is right brain. Can you be a combination? Yes, but usually one is more predominant that the other.

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Things That Are Taught Through Caregiver Counseling

By Kelly Wood

Caregiver counseling is a very important function of any medical field. The individuals who work with this agency are great at their job and will help any domestic servant. Americans are very grateful to have agencies such as these to always look after great workers who devote their time in helping others. Many of these domestic workers must deal with child rearing issues, relationships, life transitions, drug addictions and stress.

People often become overwhelmed with different problems whenever they are doing any type of medical work. Sometimes they will let the bad things in life get the best of them and this will always be a major problem. These live-in workers may face depression at times and they will usually take their frustrations out on others. Dedicated counselors can help these workers control their anger issues and other problems.

Quite a few of these workers have a family at home who are very demanding. They may have children who need help with their homework and daily chores each day of the week. If they are a single parent then their children will need adult supervision during the night hours. In some cases this worker may be able to bring their children to work with them if their employer approves this action.

People often feel very lonely whenever they are caring for someone each day of the week. Clients who suffer from a long term disease may need the assistance of their domestic person at all times. The workers social life will suffer greatly and they will eventually become very isolated individuals with no friends.

During many of these social outings the domestic servant will learn how to start relationships on their own that are not work related. This will help them become better individuals who are not overly stressed or dealing with other medical issues. A person has to learn how to give themselves free time to enjoy life and do the things that make them happy.

Taking drugs can become very tempting to someone who is dealing with a dying patient. This is one way that a person can escape from life while sitting in the comfort of their home. Drinking large quantities of alcohol may also help a domestic worker escape from the torments of their daily job. Individuals who take these substances place many people in jeopardy.

Staff workers at any mental health agency realize that many live-ins need special treatment while they are employed by certain patients. There are dire consequences whenever an employee has a drug addict or alcoholic working for them. The clients will suffer from this greatly and in the end these domestic workers may lose their jobs.

Anyone knows that caregiver counseling will help domestic workers learn how to cope with their patient's death. Eventually these workers will have to say a sad goodbye to their client who has been a very important part of their life. They must then learn how to live without this person who was probably more than just an employer and at times this step will be very difficult.

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The Linden Method Review

By Toms Sousa

The Linden Method was developed to treat a spectrum of disorders ranging from low-level nervousness and anxiety to full-blown panic attacks.Along this 'anxiety spectrum' are a whole host of related disorders, such as depression, OCD, eating disorders and a whole variety of phobias. These may range from social phobias all the way to a fear of dying. All are dealt with by Charles Linden in the Linden Method.
[The Linden Method]

I have seen a whole host of articles on many article sites as well as the Amazon reviews. I have to say was a little disappointed and dismayed.The vast majority of these articles are simply lazy, rewritten or re-spun articles, by people who not only can barely speak English, but who have obviously simply copied, re-written and regurgitated an article they have stumbled across on the internet.I do find it hard to believe that many of them have ever suffered any anxiety symptoms.The end-result is that, had it been me two years ago, trying to find a way to cure my own anxiety disorders, I would probably have come away from the whole experience even more bewildered than when I started!

This isn't just some online program that came out of nowhere. The Linden Center treats people in regular sessions. The online version is just a way for Charles Linden to reach more people around the world and offer them a self-help version of his method. Otherwise they would have to travel all the way to Britain and pay hundreds of British pounds to receive treatment at the Linden Center. So it's far from being a scam. In fact, there are over 80,000 living proofs of that.

It is typical that in reviews of this method, the name of Charles Linden will be included simple because he was the one who created the method. In addition, reviews will tell you how this method help the sufferer of anxiety fights the disorder and stop it from progressing. These things are very necessary for you who are interested in trying this method.Reliable reviews will tell you what they feel when trying this method and what happens when they are applying the program. It is not about what the method will suppose to do, but what the user feels and experiences.

Around two years ago, I took the plunge and ordered two courses, the Panic Away treatment program, and the Linden Method.The Linden Method had a lot of things in common with the Panic Away course but it was particularly good at giving me strategies to deal with my heart palpitations. I learned that, if anything, they are actually doing me a lot of good, (as I was getting a kind on 'mini-aerobic' workout!)

The Linden Method is a great way to cure panic attacks. If you wish to put an end to your attacks, you have every chance to succeed with the Linden Method.The Linden method is a known treatment program for anxiety as well as similar behavioural disorder such as panic attacks, fears or phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many more. Anxiety disorder occurs at the sudden onset of tremors and fears in which a fearful situation clings to the mind of the person suffering anxiety even if that situation is not true or not happening at all.

Visit the Linden Method site and avoid the hearsay on the web;By all means go online and get whatever tips and advice you can on your condition (but don't just take one person's advice, and look out for the fake ones.);Read the testimonials on the Linden Method website (rather than, say, the reviews on Amazon these have to be genuine by law, as I understand it.Read all other testimonials with a pinch of salt.If you do opt for either course, follow it wholeheartedly from beginning to end to get the maximum benefit from it. Any don't be afraid to use their help systems if you have any questions along the way.

You can read my full Linden Method Review here, along with my other reviews and treatment advice.In many cases, especially if there is repeated stress or extreme stress, the amygdala can become stuck into reacting to the extreme, which is when chronic, repeated anxiety happens. Then, even the slightest indication of triggers sends us into panic mode; other anxiety disorders frequently develop or worsen from this. The Linden Method works through re-training the amygdala to no longer react to these triggers, thereby eventually resetting itself after some time - neuroplasticity. The program teaches anxiety sufferers to control their own brain function and chemistry, only without medications or endless visits to a therapist who may or may not help, and offers no refunds.

Reviews contain insights, details, ideas, experiences and stories of the users of this method. They will tell you how the Linden method rescued their lives from anxiety. The Linden method reviews is about the feeling and experience they get while applying the program from the method. Most of the time, users who write reviews about it will say how successful this method in treating anxiety and recommends it as well to fellow anxiety victims.The Linden method is made available through the internet simply because the internet is the fastest and easiest medium to share this method to everyone in the whole planet. In addition to that, it is the convenience of trying the method at home instead of going to the Linden Center located in the United Kingdom.The fact that there is a specialised center for anxiety treatment in Europe wherein this method is applied is enough proof that this method is indeed capable of eliminating anxiety. However, this method is not for every people and there may be cases that this method will fail. Nevertheless, the 97% success rate of this method in eliminating anxiety permanently is enough for you to try this method.

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Introducing The Science Of Getting Rich

By William C. Lorusso

This article is about a book titled "THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH" written way back in 1910 by a man named Wallace D. Wattle. The principles promulgated by this man if followed, will make you rich with mathematical certainty. For the principles are not philosophical but pragmatical.He stated that "There is a thinking stuff (God or Supreme Being) from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.
[The 11 forgotten laws]

Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. E.g. assuming you want to build a house, all you need to do is have a mental picture of the type of house you want to build, the number of rooms, bath room, kitchen, location of the house, type of floor, tiles, marbles, roof, ceiling, windows, doors, every detail information about the house. And by impressing the thought of this house upon formless substance, will be created with the definiteness of the picture you have, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith and the depth of your gratitude that you already have the house.

Wallace explains opportunity abounds and defines the specific steps to leverage the process leading to wealth; a process available to everyone. Attaining wealth, or achieving any objective in life, is not a matter of environment, or heredity, or privilege - in the final analysis achieving is the result of doing things in a certain way. So, if wealth is what you desire, wealth is within your reach - just do what it takes to get rich.All things in this reality inherently express more and fuller functioning. Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of wellbeing working inexorably to advance life. Those moving with this tide sense the opportunities. The connection between the nature and purpose of reality and the individual operating within its depths is thought. Thought is the means to navigate experience. Harnessing thought produces tangible results.

Thought is an energy that moves formless substance, unbridled potential, and fashions it in the world of form. The individual creates the world of experience by the thoughts he or she holds in his or her mind. Thinking in a certain way, controlling creative thought, is the key to riches; the key to achieving or experiencing anything and everything in life.Desires manifest in consciousness are the seeds of achievement - the motivation to increase life. In an unlimited universe no one need compete to achieve. The way to realize abundance is to create in concert with the intentions of the whole.

The course goes into, and helps your overcome, the belief system blocks that stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. It gets right inside your thinking and challenges you about your attitudes to money, wealth and what limits you.Regardless of whether you ever become involved in Network Marketing I would highly recommend that you take the course.It is guaranteed to deliver value - seeing as you can pay what you think it is worth, but even taking that into account I feel that it over-delivers.

The men and women who practice the foregoing instructions will certainly get rich; and the riches they receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of their vision, the fixity of their purpose, the steadiness of their faith, and the depth of their gratitude.I have read a lot of books on self help, success, and other topics related to personal growth. It wasn't until I read "The Science of Getting Rich" that all I had read really started to make sense. Although Rhonda Byrne, the author of "The Secret" says that "The Science of Getting Rich" is was one of the books she was influenced by, she missed some crucial points about what Wallace Wattles had to say.

It's not about thinking positive thoughts, and it doesn't matter if you are a positive person or a negative person. This book is about getting rich first. It's about following specific principles. It's not about dealing with your baggage or changing your mindset in a way that you become a more positive person.This is not a study of metaphysics, and you don't need to know how it works to make it work.It's like using a computer. You learn how to use a computer, but you don't have to know what hardware or software is in order to make it work. You also don't need to know the internal workings of a computer to learn how to operate your computer.

Faith is a crucial part of the process.The Bible tells us in Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."In order to make the "Science of Getting Rich" work, we first have to have faith. We have to believe something is true before seeing it come true. God won't violate our free will. If we don't believe, if we don't have faith first, then what we want can't become a reality.This goes against conventional wisdom which says "seeing is believiing." Wattles says you must first see it in your mind before you see it in reality.

There is no easier way, but there is an audio program, which explains things in an easier and more inspiring way for the 21st century man. This is "The Science of Getting Rich Program" by Bob Proctor, in which he is aided by his colleagues Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith. These three stars of the hit movie "The Secret" elaborate on the lessons presented in the movie regarding the Law of Attraction. In fact, they take the Law of Attraction to a completely new level and explain what one needs to do and why they need to do it. In the end, it does come out as an exact science.

"The Science of Getting Rich Program" closely follows the chapters of the original book and is divided into 17 sessions. Each of these sessions contains masterpieces, which would give you an edge in your struggle to make the Law of Attraction work in your favor. Some of these highlights are the explanation that there is abundance for all of us and that opportunity is not monopolized, and the necessity for each of us to approach every day of our lives with gratitude and calmness. What we want might not yet be here, but it is on its way and will appear only if we already lived as is if it were here already.In the end, this program is a real must for someone looking to unlock the door to the unlimited abundance that is waiting for them. If you would like to read more about this program you should check out the extensive review of the program, as well as other similar programs, on the link below. Have fun making the Science of Getting Rich work for you!

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How To Overcome Anxiety - Solutions To Overcome Your Anxiety Attacks

By Wayne D. Richardson

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the beginning step towards treatment of anxiety disorders is to understand the condition well. If you are showing symptoms of the disorder, getting a diagnosis from your physician is necessary to rule out underlying medical conditions. Along with the feeling of depression anxiety sufferers may also have depression symptoms and need psychiatric help.
[Overcome Anxiety]

Anxiety disorder comes in various terms such as panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and agoraphobia. Those who are suffering from it know they have a problem and are wondering about how to overcome anxiety in general.To know the solution, it is important to understand it first. Anxiety is a condition where in a person suffers from intense feeling of fear. This causes grave mental and emotional stress. There are several ways to cope with anxiety attacks such as the following:

you feel insensitive and dulled, and the longer you undergo medical treatment, more insensitive and dulled you become. And this is detrimental for your well-being and happiness.There are so many simple and effective ways to treat anxiety and when you understand what lies behind such feelings, you will have no troubles to overcome them. Read the following tips to overcome anxiety without medication and learn to bring those methods into your everyday life.Stress, Love, and Comparing.As it was discussed in the opening paragraph, anxiety mainly occurs as a result of stressful way of living and lack of love. Both of these conditions are merely illusions of our mind and they are the result of constant comparing with other people and the race to win over them and get them to love us for that.

Why should you endure your anxiety attacks and allow it to interfere with your life when you can take action and do something to manage it? On the web, you will find several good resources that you can use in finding the most appropriate solution for your situation. Choose a site that gives you authoritative information on how to overcome anxiety.

Although it is not a good idea to depend on medication, some might help ease attacks such as selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors (SSRI). This includes Prozac and benzodiazepines, which is an anti-anxiety drug that helps lessen panic symptoms.It takes time before you can completely get over anxiety disorder. Medications are short-term solutions while psychotherapy and behavioral therapies are long-term. You can have yourself admitted to centers that deal with such kinds of problems. Give yourself enough time to get rid of anxiety. Soon, your anxieties will be just a memory.

This is completely mad and drives more than half of us into the constant feelings of despair and anxiety. Most people try to hide this problem to themselves and stuff down all those undesired feelings of inadequacy with medications, food, alcohol and other drugs.Your number one tip to overcome anxiety is to stop with this madness. Just stop. Slow down, take few deep breaths and observe your mind jumping around like a crazy monkey trying to find the ways to please the world. The longer you observe these anxious thoughts without letting them control you, the more relaxed you will feel. Try to turn your awareness inwardly more often (also known as meditation) and find the only real source of energy and love there is.

Make your daily routine more positive and when you go to sleep at night and when you get up in the morning, spend some time thinking about good things that happened to you in previous day and the things that you will be doing today. There are always some good things that are happening to you, try to get over bad things by thinking about the little good things. Plan your day the night before. Write down some goals that you want to achieve and things that you need to do. Refer to this list throughout the day.Every day in the beginning of the day give some time to positive thinking. Make a motivational session in which you tell yourself how good the day will be for you and make sure to do something interesting of your choice.

Examples of these stress-related triggers are the following: school, work, social such as with attending gatherings and public speaking, relationship, financial, emotional distress and trauma among others. To overcome anxiety, you have to manage your stress. Some may even determine that the do not have any anxiety, but closer examination of oneself may conclude there is a serious condition that is present that needs to be addressed.

Don't waste your life thinking that it is enough if you just live to survive and don't do anything else with your life. Because it is not enough. You can truly be happy only when you constantly evolve and use your abilities to create something for yourself and others.Conclusion.Stop comparing yourself to others and understand that you were born perfect and there is simply nothing more to perfect. You just need to make your mind see that. It is the ignorant world trying to convince us that we are not worth anything if we do not have shiny careers, houses, cars and high social status.

Exercise on regular basis and keep your body healthy. The approach is a good method to stay away from the anxiety and the fears that you might have. Exercise releases natural chemicals in our body that make us feel good. Your appearance will improve as will your energy levels making you feel great.Always try to find the reasons to smile. There are many ways of keeping yourself entertained and you should defiantly try to do this in order to make yourself get rid of anxiety.Try to memorize the happy incidents that have occurred in your life, think about the people who make you laugh and are most important to you. Visualize positive things and keep your conversations positive as well. Cut out people who are constantly moaning and sapping your energy.

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Help With Self Esteem For Teenage Girls

By Natasha A. Unzueta

Self esteem teenage girls can be a confusing thing for many people, and in my experience it is usually girls and women who have the most issues with it so girls, this article is for you!While some self esteem activities for women may give the ideas of getting a makeovers and new hair style I'm going to try and get away because I've found out that this is not really self esteem building, but a very temporary way to give you fake confidence and is not really helpful. I'm not against dressing up and looking good (of course every girl love to look good) but the can not be your source of confidence and self esteem because it is too inconsistent and circumstantial.

Openly show that you can't keep your hands off her.Buy her nice presents and express how you like seeing using the items.Praise her when her friends are there and express how much you love her.Read a poem to her or dedicate a song for her, if you can sing then it makes it even better.Have a date every week, dress well for her.When dining out, look at her like its your first date and tell her how much she is so beautiful to you all the time.Hold her hand across the table and tell her how much you adore her.

Helping yourself - find the best way to relax that works for you. Taking long baths, having regular massage, learning a progressive relaxation technique from CD's you can listen to anytime, walking, reading. Music can also work really well when you find music you can just drift with and let your mind float freely without worrying.Exercise - this is a great stress reducer and classes such as yoga or Pilates can be particularly good for releasing tension and helping to find a more balanced state of mind. Teenage girls often like yoga as it doesn't demand great expertise and you can dress very comfortably in loose clothing in the classes. However any form of exercise will help in a stress relief programme so if it football, dancing, running or hockey - it doesn't matter!

The bottom line and the best advice I can give you about it is that know that true confidence and self esteem comes from inside and does not come from being eye candy which will disappear once we all reach a certain age. The trick is to realize looks are not everything.Self-Esteem Teenage Girls was created by teenagers for teenagers. We know how hard it is to be a teenager so our hope is to give back and to let you know that you are not alone and that you are beautiful no matter what!

Whilst self esteem activities for girls may conjure up ideas of getting makeovers and new hair-do's I'm going to try and steer away from that sort of thing as I've found that this is not really self esteem building, but a very shallow way that gives you fake confidence and is no real help in the end. I'm not against dressing up and looking good (c'mon, every girl loves to look good) but it cannot be your source of confidence and self esteem in life as it is too variable, inconsistent and circumstantial.

The initial step in building self esteem back to a healthy level could possibly be the toughest. It requires total honesty with oneself. The mask of deception and false representations of oneself must be taken off and the individual must be able to see herself as open and bare.Some of the masks could be in the form of anger. Anger is a defense mechanism that could be used to protect against others from seeing what is really going on inside of a person. The anger mask is put on when the individual feels threatened in some way. To those on the other side of the mask, the persona of toughness is seen, when actually on the inside of the anger, fear resides. There is also the fear from the discovery of inadequacies being revealed. Beneath the "anger mask" sits vulnerability and perceived weakness.

Another mask could be the mask of the "class clown". This mask also does a really good job of sending the message that an individual is always joking around. Joking around and not being serious keeps others from learning what is really going on inside isn't very funny at all. Laughing at the jokes is a lot better than laughing at the person that hides behind the mask of the class clown. To keep from being perceived as a "joke" the mask wearer tells jokes to keep everyone laughing at those rather than her as a person.

The bottom line and the best advice I can give you about it is that know that true confidence and self esteem does not come from being eye candy, this is a false sense of self image and confidence which will disappear once a woman reaches a certain age. The trick is not to get swept up in this whole "looks is everything" argument. Make sure you look after yourself and feature whatever you cannot fix(aka - if you have crooked teeth, that doesn't mean they can't be clean) as it is normal for everyone to want to look presentable, this is fine.

Don't blame somebody else for your problems and/or frustrations!Do something about them, accept them and work on them to make yourself better! Try to understand, connect to and enhance your experiences with people and yourself. Learn from your mistakes and have fun when meeting new people. Eventually you will begin to look at women/men and all different types of people in a respectful and humble way! Real connections will begin to emerge and better relationships will begin to form when you do so from now on.

There is a mask that girls and women put on called the "beauty mask". This mask disguises the many flaws that lie beneath the make-up and name brand clothes. No amount of eye liner and mascara can ultimately hide what the eyes are truly saying. They are saying "I want you to believe that I am beautiful on the outside because if you really saw what I looked like underneath, you wouldn't think I was beautiful at all". Hiding behind the fabulous outfits, fancy beads, earrings, and makeup "beauty mask" is a shallow shield against the truth that screams "I want to love myself, but I don't!"The masks above are just some of the many masks that people wear. In improving self esteem, help your teenage daughter to discover and name the mask that she may be wearing. If you look close enough, you too may even discover that you wear a similar mask or have in the past. The road to self esteem building may be a journey you can take together. Like I said before, the first step is the most difficult because it calls for honesty and removal of the mask.

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Tips On How To Raise A Confident Child

By Rachael Gutierrez

Positive attitudes will aid the topic of how to raise a confident child. They learn so much from how authority acts and reacts. Anything that surrounds them can educate them for better or worse. Good actions are a result of good attitudes, and negative actions are a result of negativity. It is not necessary to be mean or negative in any situation. If something is done wrong, or the youth does something that should not have been done, just be cool and collected. It will provide a greater outcome if you remain calm and positive.

Encouragement is highly recommended. All kids would like to be successful. They ask questions all the time to authority so that they can learn more and more. If they completed something on their own, encourage them to keep on keeping on. Criticism can be given nicely, but a lot of times, to a little one, it can break their spirit. Put the focus on the correctly finished projects, or the good they have completed. They love to be praised.

Spending time with them can lead to confidence. Children yearn for attention. They want to be loved. Spending time with them can be as easy as sitting down and reading a book with them, or just coloring a page with them. Interaction can build their confidence. Knowing that someone cares about them will greatly build them up.

Authority needs to have confidence too. The youth will take notice of the confident attitude of authority, and it could be vital in their actions. If authority figures hold a confidence in their life, it will influence the younger people to do the same. Sometimes it is forgotten how children see all authority does. A good reminder is to focus on the attitude portrayed because it can have a good or bad impact on the youth.

Using the child's name when speaking to them can increase their confidence. This will help build a strong relationship with them. They gain trust in the parent as well. Often times it will break down barriers and allow a closeness to form.

Watch the children very deeply. They all have many kinds of talents. No children are identical. Focus on finding out what they are strong in, and develop that gift or ability. As the young person grows and their abilities get stronger, so will their confidence. It only encourages them to do better once they can see that they can really do it.

From the very beginning, strive for success with the child. Set achievable goals for them. Knowing that what others may think is not the final answer. Children are often burdened with peer pressure. They want to be liked or approved of. Teach them that doing their best is what matters most.

Monitor who they associate with. Their companions will be one of the greatest influences in their lives. They will mimic their close friends, even to the point of dressing like them. Make sure their associations will give a good influence to the children. A bad influence will lead to negativity in the youth.

How to raise a confident child can be achieved. Relax and learn with each step. The relationship built with this learning process will be so strong. Be proud of what is accomplished.

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What To Do To Organize Unique Team Building Events

By Kelly Wood

It should be easy for anyone to host unique team building events. The first thing they need to do for it is to set up a goal and budget for this. Consider what accomplishments would one want for hosting this kind of event and how much one is willing to spend for it. Once there is a goal and budget, one can plan out the event in a manner that fits these factors.

The next step is to think of the schedule. The time for the said activity should be planned out carefully. Think about the convenience of the participants. Consider what time it will be best for the participants to attend to this kind of activity. With such consideration, a detailed schedule can be drafted for this type of event.

Do not hesitate to consult a professional worker for this project. This is especially helpful for those people who are trying to host this event despite a very short preparation time and inexperience in hosting the said event. Hiring a trainer should make it possible to plan out the event without that much trouble.

The travel time from the house of the ones who will attend up to the location of the said event should be short. If it takes too much time for one to reach the event location, it might ruin their mood and make them tired upon their arrival. The person should ensure that the travel time is short so that the ones who will attend can stay happy and refreshed.

Make things more interesting. The purpose of this type of event is to build relationships between teams so there should be a happy and collaborative atmosphere during this time. It is necessary to give the participants an experience that is both fun and unique. Doing this should spice things up a whole lot.

Do not forget to feed the attendees. While planning out the activity is very important, feeding the attendees is vital as well. The food should be fulfilling and tasty. When the attendees are full on their stomach, they should feel happy and engaged all throughout the event. Aside from the main meals, there should be pastries as well to serve as snacks.

Just leave those titles out the door. Make it a day where everyone is standing on equal footing, regardless of the kind of position that an individual is holding back at the company or organization. It is better to stress out that the titles do not exist for the day and that everyone is on the same level so that they can get to know each other on a personal level.

A challenge should be brought up during this type of event. Challenging the participants also help foster teamwork. Once a challenge is put down, do not forget to announce the cool prize that awaits the winners. The cool prizes being offered should help motivate the challengers even more.

It is necessary to get feedback. The attendees should give their feedback about the event at the end of the day. With this, one can determine what the attendees liked and disliked about the said event. It will also help the person out in making future unique team building events more interesting.

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