So You Want To Write A Georgia Blog

By Amanda Baird

There are many reasons why people would want to write a Georgia Blog. Some wish to promote the state, others wish to bring attention to the local music, or sports, scene. Some just want to write to get used to having their words read, and even others feel driven to write. If you are such a person there are a few things that you ought to consider.

Think where your writings will be published. Nowadays there are many companies who will offer to act as a host for your musings for free. However if they operate a lesser known domain the potential traffic which will come into contact with your writing will be decreased. Yet for those who are trying their hands at writing for the first time, free is a very good idea. You get to try it without the need for any financial outlay.

The majority of these free hosting sites will also help you in the areas of design. They have a wide selection of templates available for you to choose from. Select one that you are comfortable with, and it ought to be appealing to a potential reader. Find out how to manipulate pictures and text within the template.

It could be prudent to check out your competition first. This way you get a feel for what others are writing about. You then have the chance to find out what looks good and what doesn't. Check out some sites which attract the most traffic and try to discern why they are so popular. Things to focus on are the content, presentation and the style of writing.

Note if anyone else is writing about your chosen topic. Work out how successful their site is, and how you can make your site even better. One important thing to decide is who do you want your target audience to be, and how you are going to attract them to your site. The best way is by word of mouth, if you have a good site dispensing a lot of useful information in an easy to read way your audience, or hits, will grow quite quickly.

With the whole state to choose from there is always something to write about. Consider the sports and music scenes, maybe you could write about games or gigs that you attend. Another popular idea is the promotion of tourist attractions throughout the state. As these will be of interest to those from different states remember to include directions along with your pictures and text.

Another popular topic in larger towns and cities works along the same lines as a local newspaper. You can provide information about attractions, or write reviews about restaurants and bars. Whatever you decide to write make sure that it is something that interests you, as it will come across in the way that you write things. People will not be interested in what you have to say if you don't appear enthusiastic yourself.

Just think there are numerous people out there in cyberspace waiting to read your thoughts and ideas. All you need to do is start writing them down and posting them. So good luck with your Georgia blog.

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