Top Tips For Getting Ahead

By Sarah Walton

It can be a struggle to find your niche in today's economic climate so changing jobs or even just starting out in the world of work can be tough if you do not have the self-belief and confidence it takes so survive the numerous interviews and inevitable knock-backs that unfortunately are bound to occur. Learning how to prepare yourself and perform optimally for work, whether it be for a brand new job or refining your skills and performance in your current job, requires motivation and ambition and if these things do not come naturally to you, it can be hard to know where to start. Here we will look at some top tips for improving your general self-confidence and how this can translate to your job.

Considering new job prospects is always daunting as you know there will be occasions when your confidence is rocked so it is important to always play to your strengths; this will help solidify your belief in yourself. There will be aspects of your lifestyle that you may never have considered can relate to your work role but you will be surprised what you can discover about yourself. Think about the things you love to do - say you're a big gamer with the latest console and perhaps a bit of a tech-God? If you have the ability to understand and use new technology with ease and speed, this is invaluable to employers in certain trades. You can use your passion for computers and gadgetry in many fields including programming and web design, or many business-related sectors that rely on people who know computers inside-out. Even a trade as an avid gardener perhaps can lend itself to a number of job roles these days.

People who have been doing the same job for a long time can sometimes become apathetic or despondent with regards to their role. This can affect confidence and leave individuals feeling deflated; the first step in altering these negative states of emotion is admitting that things need to change. Those who take up hobbies in their spare time are bound to see this personal productivity have an effect on their job-related productivity. If you are mentally-fulfilled outside work, you will feel less need to rely on your job to fulfil you and this will help take the pressure off and lighten the mental load. Additionally if you are just starting out in the world of work, or you are changing your job or employment sector, it can be a nerve-wracking experience when you realise how big the change can be so instead decide to embrace this change and see it as a challenge! Everybody goes through stages of self-doubt and realising that you are not alone and that many people have moments when they are unsure is a good way to begin to build resilience and personal toughness. We are all in the same proverbial boat, so use this to your advantage and have the self-belief to try something new.

So much of your personality is translated to others in ways you seem to have no control over, such as your body language, your voice and even your general appearance. If you want to have self-belief therefore you need to build it from the inside and considering all these small things can really help. For instance, if you're the shy and retiring type, you probably avoid eye contact and might slouch when you walk. Take small steps to changing these things day by day and you will really notice the positive effect on your life. Making eye contact with someone and smiling can make an immediate positive impression as well as making their day and walking with your head up will show the people around you the confident person you want to be. Being bright and friendly and communicating well are also doubly important when you are interviewing for jobs; you need to show future employers what they would be missing if they didn't hire you!

Getting the self-belief you need can be simple if you become more aware of your surroundings at work; consider what the job needs from you and what you need from the job and try simple and practical steps to building the self-worth and confidence you need to get the most from your working life and therefore your life as a whole. Additionally if you feel like you need professional help, there are many executive training and coaching companies around too.

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