Basic Facts Regarding Family Therapy Port Charlotte Fl Residents Should Be Aware Of

By Allyson Whitley

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to resolve conflicts in the family unit. It is especially useful when there are relationship problems or when one of the members has a mental health problem that is either caused or aggravated by a poor family relationship. There are a number of facts on family therapy Port Charlotte fl residents may wish to know if intending to use this form of treatment.

A typical session lasts just under one hour. The therapy is only done in the short term. All the sessions should be given within six months. If no positive response is seen within this period of time, other forms of treatment should be considered. It is not mandatory for all the members to attend the session at the same time. An arrangement can be made for different members to be with the therapist at different times.

It is important to offer this treatment alongside other interventions. This will help to increase the chances of success. During the session some members may be asked to modify some of their behaviours in a manner that will make it easier for the mentally ill individual to recover. Other therapies that can be considered include cognitive behaviour therapy and medication.

In a typical session, the therapist allows the members to interact freely and engage in discussions relating to the matter at hand. Each member takes time to express themselves and the therapist tries to identify any possible causes of conflict. The role of the specialist is to help all the family members understand the problem and to suggest possible solutions.

There are many mental conditions that can be attributed to a major event in the life of an individual either directly or indirectly. Post-traumatic stress disorder follows a major event in the life of an individual and requires very consistent family support. Other major life events that may cause mental disorders include chronic diseases in parents or siblings, death of a loved one, loss of income and so on. During after such events family may need to undergo counselling so that they remain a functional unit.

The number of sessions that are needed is variable. The main determinants include the severity of the problem, therapist recommendation and the cooperation offered by the members. The therapist and the members should set clearly defined goals to be achieved within a stipulated time period. Regular assessment is needed to ensure that the treatment is working.

Some of the conditions that may benefit from this form of treatment include alcohol dependence, schizophrenia, eating disorders, sleeping disorders and depression. It is important to emphasize that the therapy is not effective for these conditions when used on its own and there is need to use other treatments as well. The therapist should work closely with the physician so that any underlying medical conditions can be identified and treated.

If they intend to have family therapy Port Charlotte fl residents need to know that there are a number of challenges that may come about. For example, if done by an inexperienced counsellor, the problems may progress to be even more complex. In addition, the treatment may fail to be effective if stopped too soon.

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